Is it safe to have my baby at home or in a freestanding birth center?


The best evidence available shows that out-of-hospital birth with a trained midwife is as safe or safer than hospital birth for low-risk, healthy women. Furthermore women report greater satisfaction with their care and birth with fewer interventions. Here are some links to evidence based research discussing the safety of home birth and birth center births.


Outcomes of Planned Home Births with Certified Professional Midwives: Large Prospective Study in North America.


Outcomes of planned home birth with registered midwife versus planned hospital birth with midwife or physician.


Outcomes associated with planned home and planned hospital births in low-risk women attended by midwives in Ontario, Canada, 2003-2006: a retrospective cohort study.


Do you accept insurance?


YES! Currently we can bill most insurances as an out of network facility and provider.  Please call to confirm your coverage.


I am currently seeing an OB for my prenatal care. Is it too late to transfer care?


NO! It is never too late to choose the right birth and provider for you and your baby. While it is preferred to get to know each other and develop a relationship before the birth of your baby it is almost never too late to switch care. Contact Us to set up a consultation.


Who can be at my birth?


There are no restrictions on who you choose to attend your birth. If you choose to birth at the birth center in Grapevine there is plenty of room for extended family and friends in our 3500 square foot facility, whether it is in the birth room or in our comfortable waiting areas.


What happens if there is a problem during my pregnancy or birth?


Midwives specialize in normal pregnancy, labor, and birth. We focus on creating healthy women and families to prevent complications. We have relationships with Ob/Gyn doctors and can discuss complications and transfer high-risk clients on the rare occasion that this is needed. During birth we carefully monitor both the mother and baby. If we sense the potential for a complication, we do not hesitate to transfer care to the hospital. Our goal is a healthy mom and a healthy baby. We would never jeopardize safety to have a birth center birth. We are trained to recognize and manage emergencies, should they arise. The Birthing Center in Grapevine is 3 minutes away from a regional medical center in Grapevine conveniently between Dallas and Fort Worth.


Do you offer Water Birth?


YES! Our clients love to labor and birth in the water. Water is known as the “natural epidural!” Please read more on our Water Birth page about the many benefits for mom and baby.  Take a look at a water birth video filmed at our birth center HERE.


Just as a woman's heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth.


                                       ~ Virginia Di Orio



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