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​Personalized prenatal care with plenty of time for questions. We love getting to know our families!



• Urinalysis


• Weight


• Vital Signs (blood  pressure,   pulse,       temperature)


• Monitoring the fetal heart    rate


• Measuring the size and growth of           your uterus  (fundal height)


• Palpating the position of     your baby


  Labwork is included in your care. 





​It is our desire to facilitate the home birth or birth center birth that you desire in a safe, calming and relaxing envirnoment. We are here to serve and comfort you!


• Evaluating fetal heart rate (every 20- 30     minutes during active labor and                 more often as labor progresses)


• Monitoring vital signs of mother (blood     pressure, pulse, temperature, reflexes)


• Palpating fetal position


• Vaginal exams if necessary, and only          with permission


• Assisting with techniques to help mom     relax and work with her body, including     hydrotherapy, massage, position                 change, and homeopathy



After the birth of your baby we remain with you until you are both stable. Here are some of the things that take place after birth:


• Delayed Cord Clamping & immediate         skin to skin


• Monitor Mom and Baby's    vitals


• Prepare Herbal bath for  Mom and Baby


• Record length, chest and  head                   circumference and  weight


• Complete Newborn Exam  that                   thouroughly checks  every body system


• Postpartum Visits Include:  

  24 hr phone consult

  1-3  day  visit

  2 week office visit

  6 week office  visit 

  12 week office visit with Pap smear 

Just as a woman's heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth.


                                       ~ Virginia Di Orio



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